Guide To Prepare For TOEFL Test

TOEFL, IELTS, etc are tests that analyze your proficiency and command of the English language. But don’t take it like any other unit tests end-term examination of English of your school or college. The pattern of questions and difficulty level is high enough. My words could be stressful for you but I believe in giving stress only when I can eliminate it. Nothing can stop you from clearing the TOEFL test if you prepare with utmost perseverance and focus. Throughout this article, various tips are mentioned that you should use to transform your efforts into great results. 

  1. Understand the pattern thoroughly 

Familiarize yourself with the format of the paper-like how many questions are there in one section, how much time is allotted for every section. Read past year test papers or sample papers of the TOEFL test to see the pattern of questions that are asked. You can give TOEFL either on paper or through the internet. The paper-based test consists of three sections which are writing, reading, and listening. On the other hand, an internet-based test consists of an additional speaking section along with the three sections of the paper-based test. 

  1. Decide two-three places where your concentration is best

Lack of concentration and focus is one of the most common traits leading to a bad TOEFL score. Thus, it is crucial to work on avoiding distractions and focusing on your goal. One way of doing this is to identify those corners in your home where you feel most comfortable and focused on learning. Shortlist at least two corners as you might feel bored while studying at one same spot every day. Another thing which you can do to improve your concentration power is schedule breaks and fun time during the long study. It will help you to relax your mind and when you resume learning, you will feel energetic and enthusiastic. 

  1. Use good books and reliable resources 

Markets are bombarded with TOEFL preparation books and every book claims to be the best. It becomes quite complicated to shortlist the best books for preparation. If you take TOEFL coaching classes, then they will provide you with their books. But if you don’t then all you can do is research on google to know which common books are top-ranked by every website. Or you can take the help of any teacher or educational consultant as well. But always select your learning resources wisely.

  1. Maintain a diary of errors 

We all commit several mistakes every day because that’s human nature. The wisest thing will be when you don’t repeat those mistakes. While solving mock paper or sample tests, you will do mistakes for sure. Maintain a diary of errors and at the time of checking, copy down those mistakes in it. And you just have to revise or just look at those mistakes for 1-2 minutes daily. It will help you to retain where you lacked and thus, you will not repeat them again. 

  1. Familiarize yourself with different English accents 

Do you watch American or British web series or movies with subtitles on? If yes then that’s gonna help you a lot in recognizing pronunciations of different words in different accents. Listen to podcasts, music, or anything on as many topics as you can. You can start by listening with subtitles initially and then move to recognize what the speaker is saying without subtitles. 

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