Faster admissions for everyone

Our AI technology speeds up the admissions process, helping students, agencies and institutions achieve more.

Admissions experts

Global Education Talent streamlines the process between students, universities, and agencies, making it easier, faster and more efficient for everyone involved.

We use a combination of AI technology and GET Admissions Experts to act as the intermediary between students and institutions, taking away lengthy applications processes and speed up admissions.

Our digital Three Step Admissions Check helps students prepare thoroughly when applying to a university and leads to less administrative work for educators and recruiters.


Our vision is to bring the world of education closer together, making it more accessible to people across the world. We aim to connect students and institutions, creating a faster, easier path to global higher education and experience, empowering people to achieve their dreams.


Our mission is to empower prospective students to shape their future, with our AI interactive GET Education Search Engine. We want to help young people experience culture and learning across the world, connecting them with educators and opening up channels to global study options.

AI and Machine Learning make us faster

Filtering quality

Our internal AI Platform has the ability to sift through student applications, using purpose-built algorithms to highlight the highest quality applications that immediately match university requirements.

Our GET Admissions Experts then consult with each student and manually check their applications, ensuring they are accurate and ready to be seen by their chosen university.

This means that only the very best candidates reach the admissions process, saving partners resource and improving conversion rates.

Platinum Education Partners

The GET Platinum Partner Programme is an exclusive partner channel that gives access to more features, connecting you to students that are ready to study.

Platinum Partner status includes;

  • Dedicated GET account manager
  • Pinned courses on the GET Education Search Engine
  • Monthly admissions statement
  • Quarterly recruitment plan reviews

Our partners around the globe

Got a question?

We are glad to be available to answer all the questions that might arise to give you a better understanding of who we really are.

The Global Educational Talent is the state of the art social networking platform meant for students to connect, collaborate and communicate with other entities active in the field of education globally.

The GET partner is a tech-enabled SaaS platform for educational consultants that simplifies the admission process management for them and gives them the freedom to focus more on the business development as the process after that is simplified and taken care of by GET.

GET is a set of marketing and promotional services offered by Edumpus to educational institutions from across the globe. Edumpus identifies the educational institutions as the most vital source of supply of the formal educational services and ensures a standardized bridge between the demand and supply through these services.