Delivering excellent candidates, fast.

We use a combination of AI and human expertise to streamline the admissions process, getting you quality candidates, fast.

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Our students are already actively looking for the best universities.

They want to experience new cultures, languages and ways of learning, as well as making new friends across the globe. We know you want the very best talent to join you, so we’ll relay your message and put you in front of our eager students, ready to learn.

Feature on GET Search

Our GET Education Search Engine uses purpose-built algorithms to put you in front of the right students at the right time – and paired with our AI platform and Three Step Admissions Check, the applications you receive are accurate, relevant and ready to be accepted.

We use a combination of AI and human expertise to streamline the admissions process, getting you better candidates, fast.

Clever quality control

Our internal AI platform has the ability to sift through student applications, using purpose-built algorithms to highlight the highest quality applications that immediately match university requirements.

Our GET Admissions Experts then consult with each student and manually check their applications, ensuring they are accurate and ready to be seen by their chosen university. We call this the GET Three Step Admissions Process.

This means that only the very best candidates reach the admissions process, saving partners resource and improving conversion rates.

GET Three Steps Admission Process

Candidate Consultation

We consult with all of our prospective students to ensure they’re happy with the course and university they’ve selected, and have access to all the required documentation they need for admissions.

Admissions Excellence

We thoroughly check students admissions packs, both via our AI digital tools and then again manually, to make sure all requirements are met for students, partners and institutions.

Student Experience

We then send our admissions packs to the Student Experience Team, to either send on to partners or send back for amendments. This gives our partners higher admission rates overall due to accuracy and speed.

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